Do you want your IRS tax debt to go away? What a ridiculous question.  Of course you do or you wouldn’t be searching online right now for help on how to resolve your IRS tax debt.  You’re smart, successful and probably a savvy business person, to boot. You know this isn’t going to magically disappear. And you know you are in waaaayover your head.  So why have you been putting off asking for help? Here are 5 reasons to call us for help.

  1. Interest and penalties – the obvious. They are accruing even as you read. The IRS will change interest on whatever amount you owe. The annual interest rate is arouund 5%. You are also hit with late-payment penalties of .5% per month, up to a maximum penalty of 25%.
  2. Tax liens are a matter of public record. They can affect your ability to get a loan if you are trying to buy a house. If you are looking for a job and your potential landlords does a background check they will find out about it.
  3. Asset seizure – your car, your 401(k), your bank account, even your paycheck. On top of that the State Department may not issue or renew your passport. Ouch!
  4. Bankruptcy – without your car to get to work you may lose your job. Or worse, without your paycheck to pay your bills you are in danger of having to file for bankruptcy.But guess what – even a recent bankruptcy won’t get the IRS off your back. You still have to pay your tax debt!
  5. You could go to jail. OK, that only goes for not filing your taxes. Tax evasion or filing a fraudulent return can land you in prison for 5 years. But even if you are delinquent with your filings you want to unbury your head and deal with this, pronto!

Those are the cold, hard facts.  The problem simply won’t go away by ignoring it. So why are you waiting? At Santa Cruz Tax Debt Relief we help stop IRS collection actions. We will deal with the IRS for you in order to help dissolve that black cloud hanging over your head. So relax, breathe, repeat.  We have your back.  Call us, today.