How It Works

If you owe $10,000, call for a FREE consultation – a $450 value.

Our tax resolution services break down into three easy steps:

First Meeting to conduct investigation of your liability

Our first meeting is The Scoop. At our first meeting (either in-person or by scheduled phone appointment), we will conduct the investigation of your liability. You will provide us with some background information.  We will then review your most recent IRS correspondence. Once that is accomplished, we compile paperwork to submit to the IRS so we can pull transcripts and begin our work. Finally, we will review your options and you will sign an engagement letter.  This spells out the terms of our work relationship. You will leave our office feeling confident you are in good hands and that you made the right choice.


Second Meeting to compile financial information

Next comes the Deep Dive where we begin to compile your financial information, review prior year tax returns, do a full investigation of your liability and perform a complete financial analysis. We may need to get you current with your tax filings (up to six years, if needed) and help calculate estimated tax payments.  Remember: The IRS is only interested in working with taxpayers who are committed to present and future compliance with the tax rules. Finally, we will identify the Tax Relief plan that’s right for you and seek out your final tax resolution option. Whether it be to get you placed in Currently Not Collectible status, or to enter into a Partial Pay Installment Agreement or other options. We take care of IRS phone calls, paperwork and follow-up action items.


third meeting to create an action plan

Finally we are at the Cruzin’ Point. We will meet one final time to wrap up your tax debt resolution work and create an action plan for you to move forward into your Tax-Debt-Free Life!


action plan

Your responsibility is to get us all requested documentation in a reasonable timely manner.

Relax  Breathe  Repeat

We have your back!